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PAL Reference Page



1. When using the 'Forgot Username or Password' process, why does the system keep sending the Username and not the Password?
Answer - Make sure to click on the radio button next to the Password option beside the Username option before entering in the email address.


2. How do I contact the FOIA office handling my request after it is submitted?
Answer - Please sign-in to your account and compose a message using the Inbox. Alternatively, you can contact the Component FOIA Office where you submitted your request by visiting the DHS FOIA Contact Information page.


3. How long can I remain idle until I am automatically logged off?
Answer - The screen will time out after 30 minutes of inactivity. There will be a pop-up asking if you want to continue or end the session 5 minutes before it automatically ends the session. If you do not see this pop-up, please check your internet browser pop-up blocker settings.


Need more help?
Email FOIA System Technical Support at *NOTE* - This is not a FOIA office. If you have questions regarding your FOIA request, please sign in and compose a message using your 'Inbox' or call/email the agency's FOIA officer.